About author

Scribbler has been writing fanfic since 1999. She learned about the genre’s existence in the small but tight-knit Earth 2 fandom, and discovered her inner muse when participating in a Finish The Story-challenge. She hasn’t looked back since.

Since that fateful day in 1999, Scribbler has produced over 260 works of fanfic, as well as a handful of original stories and essays. Many of them can be found in various archives all over the internet but áll her work is archived here at scribblesinink.com.

She wrote her very first story at the age of twelve: an action-packed, shameless self-insert for a local newspaper’s stories contest. And she won.

Every once in a while, the muses decide to depart from whatever fandom is holding court at the given time, and dabble briefly in something else. Sometimes, such side trips result in catching a new fannish fancy, but mostly, a single story or two is all there is to it. Those stories are collected here.